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Getting Yourself Known: Home

A quick guide to introduce you to ways of raising your profile.


This guide covers these aspects of getting yourself known, i.e. enhancing your research profile:
  • Online academic networks
  • Open access
  • Journal impact factors 
  • Getting ISBNs and ISSNs for your publications
You may also wish to consider using a blog as a means of disseminating and discussing your research


Blogs are a popular online method of disseminating timely information and facilitating discussion. Blog posts appear in chronological order so are easy to scan for up to date content. Many blogs allow you to use RSS feeds so that new content is automatically delivered to you on publication. Individu-als, companies, organisations and groups all make great use of blogging. You can set up your own blog using software such as TypePad or WordPress.

The University offers centralised support for postgraduates and staff who wish to use blogs and wikis to aid their research and other work.  You can also find advice on what makes a good blog post