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2021 Proquest Research Collection: About

Digital primary source research collections supporting the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

University of Exeter now has access to the same primary sources collections used by some of the world’s most prestigious universities – including historical newspapers, magazines and journals, plus parliamentary papers and book collections spanning across ancient to modern times.

These resources are designed to develop critical thinking skills and inspire research that leads to academic and professional success. 

Millions of pages of materials are available immediately – anytime and anywhere – to support teaching and research across the Humanities & Social Sciences. These resources are available until August 2021

Below you can browse all the resources and delve into the collections, organised by information content type and theme.

And don't forget we have many more databases accessible to support you. See the full A-Z databases list for details.

All 2021 Proquest Research Collection Databases

Databases by content type

Explore the 2021 Proquest Research Collection by content type to focus in on those resources that meet your research needs

Digital newspaper archives empower users to become eyewitnesses to history.  Every issue of each title includes the complete paper, cover-to-cover, with full-page and article images in easily downloadable PDF format. Researchers can study the progression of issues over time through these historical newspaper pages, including articles, photos, advertisements, classified ads, obituaries, editorial cartoons, and so much more.

Available titles in this 2021 collection are listed below.  These titles are cross searchable with other available US Proquest Historical Newspapers

Other newspaper titles from Proquest and other providers are available via the University.  Use the News Databases listing to see all available global news services.


Asian Newspapers

Canadian Newspapers

Middle East Newspapers

US Newspapers

American Jewish History
Black History
US News Titles

Databases by theme / topic

Explore the 2021 Proquest Research Collection by theme / topic to focus in on those that meet your research needs


British Periodicals

Almost 500 multidisciplinary periodical runs published from the 1680s through to the 21st century, comprising more than 7.5 million keyword-searchable page images and forming an unrivalled record of three centuries of British history and culture

Periodicals Archive Online

Archive of leading international; journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences sourced from 30 countries.  Coverage spans more than two centuries, 37 subject areas.

Official Publications

Personal Letters & Diaries

US Periodicals

US Newspapers

Available titles in this 2021 collection for the US are listed below.  These titles are cross searchable with other available US  Proquest Historical Newspapers.

American Jewish and Black History newspaper titles are also available - see separate tabs

US Historical News Collections

US Historical Newspaper Titles

The newspapers in this collection provide insights into a century of immigration, genealogy and so much more while supporting local history and genealogical research. As Jews helped transform American culture, so too, did America transform Jewish thought. 

These titles are cross searchable with other available Proquest Historical Newspapers.

Available titles

Black newspapers were on the frontlines of the civil rights movement. Organizing boycotts and nationwide protests, fighting discriminatory housing and employment practices, launching community clean-up campaigns, and advocating for improved health services for minorities, they gave voice and strength to communities often ignored by other media. The newspapers in this collection provide unique perspectives on local, national, and international events:

These titles are cross searchable with other available Proquest Historical Newspapers.



Asian, Canadian and Middle East titles are available in this collection - along with many US titles (see separate US History tab) These titles are cross searchable with other available US  Proquest Historical Newspapers.



Middle East


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