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Law: Dominion Law Reports

The Dominion Law Reports (DLR) are a series of case reports featuring key civil and criminal cases from all common law provinces and territories of Canada, and cases of general interest from Quebec.

The reports can be searched by party name, citation and keyword; and browsed by year and volume, or by subject using the Classification Scheme.

The series began in 1912 and is now in its 4th series.

4th Series, 1984-date, 439+ volumes to date
3rd Series, 1969-1984, 150 Volumes
2nd Series, 1956-1968, 70 Volumes
New Series, 1923-1955, 133 Volumes
Old Series, 1912-1922, 70 Volumes


Print Volumes are available for consultation in the Law Library up to Volume 375 of the Fourth Series.  All subsequent volumes are available online only.


The entire series of DLR are available online on and off campus via the Dominion Law Reports Plus database.

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