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BEMM384 - Evaluating Information Sources: 4. Activity: assessing source quality


Building on the previous section's look at different evaluation criteria, take a look at the following scenario and try to complete the activity below.


In this scenario, imagine that you are conducting ongoing research and analysis of British department stores, with a particular focus on the John Lewis Partnership.


Take a look at each of these articles, then complete the activity in the next box, where you can rank each article by its academic quality.

Remember: You should not need to read the articles in full to make these judgments. 

Activity: assessing source quality

The academic quality of information available online can vary significantly. Searching for information on the above research topic brings up a wide range of search results, including the three articles below:


Source 1'Employee ownership and the drive to do business responsibly: a study of the John Lewis Partnership'Oxford Review of Economic Policy. John Storey and Graeme Salaman'ew. [Click the link, then select the 'Get Full Text' button on the left of the page to access this article].

Source 2: 'John Lewis has lost its way. Is the restructure a route to salvation?'. The Grocer. Adam Leyland.

Source 3: 'Will John Lewis and Waitrose trip each other up?'. CampaignSimon Gwynn.

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