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BEMM384 - Evaluating Information Sources: 1. Why evaluate?

Beyond academia

While it is important to critically evaluate the information sources that you use in your academic work, these skills are valuable well beyond academia.

There are many situations in your personal life where evaluating information is of great importance; while it is also crucial for the business community. 

Evaluating information isn't just an academic exercise. Every day we make decisions based upon the information available to us and there are many situations where we may make extra effort to be critical of the information we find.

Say you are looking to buy a new phone: it is unlikely that you will rely entirely on the manufacturers website for information. We recognise that the manufacturers will probably paint their product in a positive light and highlight only the best features on the phone. Instead we will likely seek out information from a range of other sources, such as online reviews that look at the features of the phone in more detail, possibly comparing with other similar products on the market.

The same can be said about a host of other issues, for example: booking a hotel, or deciding where to have your car serviced. 

Voting is another area where you may try to be critical of the information you encounter before making your decision. While objective information can seem difficult to find in today's fractured and polarised political environment, most people want to feel confident that they are reliably informed on the key issues before casting their vote.


Accurate, trustworthy sources of information are also crucial in business. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to set up a new business, an SME looking to grow, or a global brand looking to stay ahead of the competition, reliable data is essential. Business may need essential information such as market research, economic forecasts and competitor intelligence, and the credibility of these information sources is paramount. 

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