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New resources: Diaolong Full-text Database of Chinese & Japanese Ancient Books: Si Ku Quan Shu & Qing Dynasty Archives

by Nicola Nye on 2021-06-18T16:23:06+01:00 in Art History and Visual Culture, Modern Languages and Cultures, History | Comments

One of the most comprehensive collections of Chinese and Japanese ancient books including volumes of ancient books covering historical, political, economic, religious, philosophic, literary, ethnic and geographic documents. (Chinese language)

Si Ku Quan Shu
This is the largest collection of ancient books in China's history, spanning from the Pre-Qin period to the early Qianlong period of the Qing dynasty, covering many academic fields.

Qing Dynasty Archives
This archive includes precious historical collections such as Qing shi lu, Wu cao hui dian, Da qing jin shen quan shu, Da qing fu zheng yao lan quan shu, Da qing zhong shu bei lan, Huang di yu pi, and more.

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