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profile-icon Nicola Nye

Routledge Performance Archive

Streamed video and audio footage from performance practitioners past and present paired with relevant critical commentary. 

  • interviews with key figures in performance history and contemporary practice;
  • masterclasses with specialist performance trainers from around the world;
  • footage direct from legendary practitioners;
  • excerpted and full-length contemporary productions and experiments;
  • documentaries previously unavailable to global audiences:
  • and specially commissioned contextual essays accompanying each entry from knowledgeable practitioners and scholars.

Watch an introductory video here! 

profile-icon Natasha Bayliss

 The University has a wide range of online primary sources available, many of which can add an additional dimension to your social and cultural geography research.

The Adam Matthew Research Collection provides access to resources from gender, identity and social change to the culture of global trade. 

The 2021 ProQuest Research Collection provides access to resources exploring women, gender and cultural change.

The Primary Sources LibGuide provides an overview of the extensive range of online primary sources available through the library.

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profile-icon Natasha Bayliss


The University has a wide range of online newspaper sources available, providing current and archive content from a wide range of countries.

You can access these news sources to examine coverage of topical events, but also do historical research through the newspaper archives.  These resources can be particularly useful at dissertation time for those studying social and cultural geography, as they can reveal thinking at the time on topical issues of the day.

Explore the News LibGuide for lots of guidance on online news searching!

We have short term trial access to the Making the Modern Law Series.  Access is available until 8th February.  

The series is made up of 7 primary source databases.  Find out more about these below and use the links for access.


The Making of Modern Law: American Civil Liberties Union Papers (Primary Sources)

Search the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) records on free speech, citizenship, race, discrimination, and other topics

The Making of Modern Law: Foreign Primary Sources, 1600-1970 (Primary Sources) -

Access four centuries of historic legal codes from northern, central, and eastern Europe.

The Making of Modern Law: Foreign, Comparative, and International Law, 1600-1926 (Primary Sources) -

Explore four centuries of full-text legal history from a global, interdisciplinary perspective.

The Making of Modern Law: Landmark Records and Briefs of the U.S. Courts of Appeals, 1950-1980 -

Discover frequently studied case histories from the U.S. courts of appeals.

The Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises, 1800-1926 (Primary Sources) -

Search this comprehensive collection of legal treatises on U.S. and British law published from 1800 through 1926.

The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources, 1600-1970 (Primary Sources) -

Find state and municipal codes, documents relating to constitutional conventions, and other American legal history resources.

The Making of Modern Law: Trials, 1600-1926 (Primary Sources) -

Read through full-text documents from Anglo-American trials, including transcripts, printed accounts, arbitrations, and books.


Cross searching

It is also possible to cross search one or more of these databases using the enhanced Gale Primary Sources platform. 

Use this link for access and click on the Legal Studies limiter Just to add that we have recently updated the Gale Primary Sources platform homepage to include a Legal Studies limiter:


We'd be interested in your feedback on this trial.  If it would be useful for your teaching or research, please send your feedback to Lee Snook.

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