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The University has recently acquired access to the Investor State Law Guide.  This is a specialist database for comprehensive investment treaty law research. 

It contains investment treaties, arbitral rules, case and other key documentation, and offers a collection of sophisticated analytical research tools to support in depth, comprehensive research across the field.  For example, you can browse by topic or treaty provision to connect with relevant content.

The Research Tools

  • Subject Navigator: research complex subjects by isolating relevant issues and digging deeper into the Subject Navigator tree. Within the structure of the Subject Navigator, you will be able to view start by finding higher-level subject areas that are relevant to your research. As you dive deeper into the sub-sections of these subjects, you will be able to focus on the sub-areas that are most relevant to your research.
  • Article Citator:  see a list of legal instruments (Treaties and Arbitration Rules) to see how these have been interpreted by tribunals. It will allow you to sort these cited instruments by the most commonly cited provisions and allow you to jump directly to the paragraph/footnote in the decision and award document that references the provision. 
  • Jurisprudence Citator:  instantly see how specific decisions have been treated by subsequent investment treaty tribunals. 
  • Publication Citator:  track the history and use of trusted secondary resources. It will allow you to gain insight into how authoritative materials have been utilized and considered by tribunals
  • Terms and Phrases tool:  see how specific terms or phrases have been defined in the context of previous investment arbitration tribunals
  •  ISLG Reports tool:  see patterns or data synthesized in such a way that will help you gain relevant insights related to cases, people, organizations or disputes. 
  • Full Text Search tool: run a comprehensive keyword search across all documents in the ISLG collection, including decisions, awards, procedural orders, pleadings, arbitration rules, treaties and other legal instruments. 


Use the online Knowledge Center for help on making the most of the research tools.

You can also sign up for training webinars to get a comprehensive overview of all the research tools

A number of videos are also available to view via  Screencast and YouTube.


Investor State Law Guide 


And also ...

We also have access to OUP's Investment Claims database which you can use to access additional secondary sources in this area

Access: Investment Claims


profile-icon Lee Snook

New Resource!

The University has institutional access to website. This provides access to:Front cover of The Lawyer magazine

  • The Lawyer Magazine: monthly current awareness on legal topics and careers. 
  •  Lawyer 2B : The Lawyer’s student publication, providing careers and interview advice, commercial awareness guides, as well as news about training and vacation schemes, pupillage, law schools and insight into the legal profession for anyone interested in a career in law.
  • Commentary: opinions, podcasts and analysis from legal practitioners and researchers
  • Firms A-Z: News info, deals, analysis and rankings for Top UK and European law firms
  • Plus lots more ...

You need to register with your address to set up your account so that you can access all content. 


As well as providing the latest legal commentary from the profession, this resource will be useful for legal careers research and also for keeping up to date with the latest legal tech discussions.

Historical research: If you are looking for early copies of the Lawyer Magazine, take a look at all the library's holdings for coverage info.  We have print and online access options from databases such as Hein Online.

We hope you find this resource useful. Get in touch with your Law Librarian if you have any questions about using the site.

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