Staff and students at the University of Exeter now have access to Research Methods Primary Sources This link opens in a new window Description of this database

This tool, developed by publisher Adam Matthew Digital, is designed to help with understanding and critically evaluating primary sources.



It includes:

Learning tools

  • Videos from academics on how they use primary sources in their research, as well as insights into the work of archivists, conservators and digitisation specialists
  • Topics such as 'Why are some sources archived and others not?’, ethical considerations and under-represented voices
  • Guides exploring how to critically evaluate a source, find clues, and weigh sources against each other



Case studies

Over 100 case studies focusing on:

  • source types: correspondence, diaries, photographs and many more different types
  • themes: disability, the environment, gender, popular culture, religion, war and more
  • data: case studies from scholars discussing how to find and analyse data from historical documents



Practice Sources

Over 300 digitised items from 50 archives around the world, allowing you to practise using historical material.