From the 1st July the A-Z Database list has a refreshed look-and-feel and additional functionality to make it more modern and easier to use. 

As with the old version you can quickly jump to favourite databases by searching by name, or browse by your subject and/or database type to see recommended databases in your area. 

A selection of the new features that support an improved use experience include:

  • Multiselect Filters: Search databases by multiple subject, vendor, and type criteria – not just one of each.
  • Alerts:  a status alert indicator will quickly flag problems with particular databases and advise on action being taken
  • Mobile-Friendly Experience: The A-Z list has been adapted so users can navigate this module from their smartphones with ease.
  • Results Pagination: Avoid never-ending scrolling and slow loading speed! Results are displayed with 50 databases per page.
  • Help and support: When you choose a subject you will see your subject librarian details so you can quickly get in touch for help and advice.  Also look out for the Additional Information sections that will connect you with user guides, videos and supporting LibGuides to help you make the most of all the database content

To familiarise yourself with the new look list you can take a look at this short video (UoE users only) or use the A-Z Database list tutorial.

If you would like to know more about the databases in your subject area, just contact your liaison librarian who will be happy to help.