New Resource


PIO is a web-based archive of searchable Parliamentary and Official documents. Includes Civil Service yearbook.


The University has recently subscribed to the Public Information Online (PIO) online service from Dandy Booksellers Ltd offering a wide range of official documents going back, in many cases, more than a century.


About Public Information Online (PIO)

This web based archive supports research across publications from the Westminster Parliament, Scottish Parliament, Northern Ireland Assembly, Welsh Parliament (Senedd), Scottish Government and also key Non-Parliamentary material. It is ideal for researching current and archive. governmental documents on various topics. 

Full details of coverage are available on the PIO website.

To learn more about what to expect from PIO, take a look at this short introductory video or take a look through this product showcase article by Donna Ravenhill of Dandy Booksellers, which gives a a great overview of the content, together with some illustrative search examples.  


Civil Service Yearbook


The current version of the Civil Service Yearbook is available to search or browse via Public Information Online.



You can search for archive versions using the Advanced search screen, as illustrated below.


User support

Online help is available via the PIO help pages

If you need further support to make use of this resource for your study or research, please get in touch with your Liaison Librarian. 



You can also send feedback on this resource to your Liaison Librarian.  We’d be interested to hear how it has aided your study / research.