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How to find and book a study space: Quick guide

Guidance on finding and booking study space

Booking group study spaces

Book a group study space

To book a student group work area click here.

  1. Log-in 
  2. Select minimum size (i.e. number of people) and campus 
  3. Choose the date and time 
  4. Click NEXT and then choose from the list of available areas
  5. Complete the booking and check the details in your email booking confirmation

‚ÄčRead the Student group work area FAQs and contact room booking for help. There is an allowance of 1 hour per week, per student. This can be split into two 30 minute sessions.

More information on Study Spaces can be found here.

Library bookable study spaces

  • Group study rooms on all 3 floors of the Forum Library
  • Study spaces are open 24/7
  • 3 bookable group study rooms on Level -1 named Group Workroom 1, 2 and 3 each with a capacity to hold 7 people.   
  • Bookable group work booths and tables in the open plan space next to the Law Library. Booths and tables are individually numbered from 1-13. Capacities are as follows: 
    • 4 booths seating 6 
    • 5 booths seating 5 
    • 4 tables seating 4 

  • Study spaces open 24/7

  • Pods on the gallery 

  • Bookable Library Study Rooms 1-3 on the first floor (suitable for groups of 4-5)

  • Bookable Library Student Presentation Room on the First Floor. Suitable for larger groups and equipped for practising presentations using an interactive whiteboard and video conferencing.

For details of the range of bookable group study rooms in the Penryn campus Library 

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