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Census Data (UK Data Service): Home

A quick guide to introduce you to accessing census data.

Data Resources

The UK Data Service provides access to a wide range of economic and social data. This includes surveys, longitudinal studies, business microdata, qualitative data and more.

Use Discover and explore the online data tool to see all the data sources available. 

The Census (UK) is undertaken by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). Census data is available to academic institutions via the UK Data Service.

  • Data available includes population, flow and boundary data, and major collections of government statistics and social data. Data can be filtered by theme, geography and key data.
  • There are a number of different access options available depending on the type of data you are looking for. For example aggregated data (Caseweb and Infuse) and flow data (WICID). To view a list of Census resources see Census Support Explore Online.

If you can't find what you are looking for from the UK Data Service. Have a look at additional provides of data.

Discover is the main search option for the UK Data Service.

Finding Data using Discover

If you want to download data you will need to register first. Click on the register option to get started.

If you are a student or member of staff at a UK institution of higher or further education (UK HE/FE), you can register with us using the username and password issued to you by your institution.

To register with the UK Data Service:

  1. Click 'Register'
  2. Click 'Register with the UK Data Service' under New users
  3. Enter/select your organisation*, then click 'Continue'
  4. Login using your username and password
  5. Select 'New user' and then complete the registration form
  6. Agree to the End User Licence (EUL), which outlines the terms and conditions of use of the Service, and then follow the instructions to complete your registration.

Key data collections available through the UK Data service are:

Finding data

If you are new to using the UK Data Service, they have produced a guide on ways to get data which will help you access the data we hold. A short video to accompany the guide shows the five main ways users can find data.

To download/order data:

  1. locate the data collection you require using Discover
  2. click the 'Download/Order' option for the data collection required
  3. register a new use of the data, or choose from any previously registered usages
  4. enter a short summary describing your intended use of the data
  5. click 'Add datasets' and the selected data collection will be added to your usage
  6. agree any special conditions associated with the selected datasets. These will appear in the 'Status' column
  7. click 'Download' and accept the EUL reminder
  8. select the download format required and the download will begin. Note that where the format option is 'Other', format guidance is usually given within the zip file name, for example, SAS

Need help? Check out the online support and tutorials.

Check out the new user guide for support. 

There is a range of resources and training available to provide users with the support needed to make the best use of UK Data Service collections. These can be accessed from the UK Data services website. Not sure how to do something? Check out the Data Services YouTube channel. 

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