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Times Education Supplement (TES) - finding articles online

by Lee Snook on 2020-05-29T15:05:02+01:00 in Education | Comments

It can be a challenge to access online articles from the Times Education Supplement (TES).

The University has online access to TES via the Nexis UK and Factiva databases but things just don't work as smoothly as for other sources like journal articles.  You will not always be able to access every TES article online via these services. Sometimes you will only see bibliographic information.

Why is this?

Nexis and Factiva are what is known as aggregated news services, so publications like TES (and lots of other newspapers and news sources)  license their content for inclusion on these services.  Sometimes, articles in TES are written not by TES writers but invited guests or freelancers and this content cannot always be licensed for use via aggregator services. 

Sometimes embargoes are put in place so that issues and articles from TES are not uploaded to the aggregator services immediately on publication.

And yet more confusion

Quite often an article can be published under multiple titles such as a headline and a feature title, or one title may be used in the print publication and another online.  You may be searching for one title, whilst it is only accessible online under the other.   

Help is available

undefinedThis can all be very frustrating!  So call on your Liaison Librarian who will be happy to put their detective ​skills to the test.  They can't promise success every time but are very willing to save you lots of time by trying to hunt down the article you need.

Here is an example - today we were asked to trace this article which appeared in TES issue 5386, published in January 2020 and written by David Hughes:

A reformed Upper House? Oh Lord, just imagine! 

Neither Nexis or Factiva or TES website searches were able to produce the full text. Eventually we traced it online on the TES website, under a different title.

 'Let's move the Lords - and recentre UK politics'

How did we do it? 

 We searched the internet and browsed the TES website looking for all articles published by the author (David Hughes) at the same time (January 2020) and on the same topic (House of Lords).  It can be a bit tricky to identify the same articles as headlines tend to be picked for maximum effect, so if you have date and author it makes things a lot easier.  Just browse all articles by the author during your timeframe.

You can try this technique if your article does not appear on Nexis or Factiva - or just put your trusty liaison librarian to work!

Not sure who your Liaison Librarian is - check them out here!


More Support

If you are looking for more support with your news research, take a look at the Using news sources for research tutorial.

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