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Reading List Guide: How do Digital Reading Lists Work?

A quick introduction to the reading list service from the Library

How Does My List Work?

Library staff will create a reading list in Talis Aspire and link the list to your module in ELE. They will check through your list and purchase anything currently not in stock in the Library - In line with our Digital First collection policy we will buy digital versions of items on your list, wherever possible, in order to give the best learning experience for your students.

We can embed the link to the list within the relevant block in ELE so students can easily access that week’s reading.



To access the list click on the link and the student can access secure links available both on and off campus to chapter scans, online articles, e-books, websites, and audio-visual materials.



We can add notes to your list which can give instructions to a whole section or an individual item to guide your students in their reading.

Type of Reading

We can also mark individual entries on your list with the type of reading it is .

For example:

Recommended for student purchse
Essential Reading 
Further Reading

Just make sure you mark this on your list and we can add this - grouping reading together means we can also identify them in those groups. 

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