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Reading List Guide: How does it work?

Introduction to the Library's Reading List Service

Snip from ideal reading list

How Does My List Work?


When we work through your list we will purchase any content not currently in stock in the Library. Our purchasing policy is Digital First so where possible we will purchase digital versions of your specific resources. This improves accessibility for students, particularly in an increasingly global HE environment.  


Week by week: 

We can embed weekly readings within relevant sections in ELE giving students a clear overview of reading expectations week by week. 

Snip: example of weekly readings linked in ELE



Students can click on the title of the resource to get more information, including the location of print items. For digital items, the ‘View Online’ link will either direct students to the item record on the library catalogue, or directly to the resource website.   

Notes and Tags

Close up of essential reading tag

We can ‘tag’ each item as Essential, Recommended, or Optional to help clarify expectations. We usually identify which tags to use based on how readings are grouped on your list document. 

Example of reading list item with tag and note

We can add any required notes to items on your list to help guide your students in their reading. If you add any comments to items on your list they will be replicated in this note field. 

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