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Reading List Guide: I have Audio-Visual Materials on my reading list - what are my options?

A quick introduction to the reading list service from the Library

I have Audio-Visual Materials on my reading list - what are my options?


If your reading list also includes films, tv programmes or other audio-visual media then the Library can help. As part of our Reading list service we can ensure that audio-visual materials are available for teaching purposes. 

Please send your list to and we will check for digital access via one of our streaming services or purchase DVD copies which can be used for streaming. 




Audio-Visual Materials can be made available via the following routes (in order of preference):


1. Online streaming services 


Box of Broadcasts                              Kanopy                                     BFI Player 


2. Online DVD Film Screening


If the audio-visual content you require is not available via the above platforms or to purchase digitally by any other means then you are permitted to stream content as a last resort providing that the Library owns a copy of the DVD

Online Streaming Services

BoB or Box of Broadcasts 

An off-air recording and media archive service. This TV scheduling service allows you to record TV and radio programmes that are scheduled to be broadcast over the next seven days as well as retrieving programmes from the last seven days from UK freeview channels. The MyBoB feature allows you to create playlists and clips from broadcasts. All content can be used for educational purposes and can be embedded in the Exeter Learning Environment (ELE). 

If you cannot find what you are looking for on BoB please contact us as we may be able to request access. 

Please Note films recorded from the following channels may not be available in English:

  • 3Sat
  • Arte
  • ZDF


Online video streaming platform. Content includes classic  cinema, indie film and documentaries. Films are discoverable via Library Search.

Kanopy help pages 

Changes to Kanopy Access

From November 2020 the way films are accessed via Kanopy will change.

Previously, Kanopy's catalogue of films was open to students and staff to browse, and to select whichever film they wanted to view. Purchase of the films was made using the Patron Driven Acquisitions (PDA) system, which means that the library purchased a one year license for the film if it was viewed four times.

However, in recent months we have experienced a significant increase in the usage of Kanopy and therefore have seen a significant increase in costs.

As a result, from November 2020, we have decided to move to Kanopy's mediated PDA program. This means that instead of getting instant access to a film, users will need to complete a request form, which will be sent to the library for review. The library will then assess the request and if approved, Kanopy will switch on access to the film.

How to Request Access to a Film on Kanopy

Kanopy title browsing remains the same. When it comes to viewing a film, a request form will appear instead (see image below).

Please fill out this form and in your message specify the use (Film Screening, Required or Recommended Viewing) and a need by date. Once received, the library may email you for additional information before the film is purchased. 

Please note that all currently licensed films will still be available for instantaneous viewing, the form will only be presented when clicking on unlicensed films.


BFI Player

On-demand streaming service. Content includes classic, cult and archive films. 


Free Content - Available to all University of Exeter staff and students. 

Subscription Content - Access only available for students enrolled on eligible modules (See PDF below)

Online DVD Film Screenings

Live stream using DVD copy


If the audio-visual content you require is not available via our digital platforms then you are permitted to stream content providing that the Library owns a copy of the DVD



DVD Purchase - The Library MUST own a copy of the DVD

Please check the Library Catalogue for available DVDs. If the Library does not own a copy of the DVD you wish to screen then please contact with film and module details and we will investigate purchase options. 


Posting DVDs

If you do not own a copy of the DVD yourself please email with the film details and your home address and we will post this to you. 


If we are unable to gain access via one of our subscription services or to purchase digital access to audio-visual material via any other means then Lecturers can show DVDs/films to their students by providing a live screening event. In doing so, they must ensure that they meet the following criteria:

1)      Screenings must be limited to teaching staff and students registered on a particular module only.

2)      Showing the film must be for the purposes of instruction.

3)      Screenings must be scheduled for a defined time or times (we would advise a maximum of two screenings per film, scheduled to reach students in different time zones where necessary).

4)      The platform used must be a closed loop, password-protected one, e.g. ELE or Teams.

5)      Only DVDs that have been purchased and are in the Library’s collections must be used, so that the DVD (and the copyright) has been originally acquired properly. Where a member of staff has purchased their own copy of a DVD that is held in the University Library, this can also be used.

6)      Students/staff need to be made aware that the film must not be recorded while it’s being streamed and must not be posted elsewhere on the internet.

Material should not be streamed outside these parameters without further advice. A quick take-down policy would apply in the event of a complaint from copyright owners. The piece of legislation that we would be relying upon to do the above is Section 34 of the CDPA, which relates to performing, playing or showing work in the course of activities of an educational establishment.

This will not permit making a copy of a DVD or format-shifting.

Short excerpts of DVDs/films can also be used for teaching under the ‘illustration for instruction’ exception outlined in Section 32 of the CDPA, as long as it is accompanied by a sufficient acknowledgement and meets all of the ‘fair dealing’ criteria. In all cases, where content is available via a service that we subscribe to (e.g. Box of Broadcasts, Kanopy) that should be the preferred method of delivery.

DVD Conversion and Streaming Content

*PLEASE NOTE - Library staff are unable to assist with queries regarding the streaming process*

Please see the following guide for info on how to convert DVDs to video files and upload to Microsoft Stream.

*IMPORTANT* - Please ensure the copyright notice is clearly visible alongside the film upload. See 'Copyright Around Streaming via ELE' tab for correct text. 

Films can only be uploaded to ELE for ONE WEEK and must be removed after this period. 

The following copyright notice MUST be included on ELE alongside the upload of the film:

By accessing this film, I understand and agree that:

  • I am a registered student of the University of Exeter and I have agreed, under the Student Contract, to abide by the University’s terms and policies
  • I am permitted to watch this film made available to me on the University VLE platform for education and study purposes only and specifically in connection with the modules forming part of my course
  • I must not (nor attempt to) download, share with others, copy or distribute copies of this film by any means whatsoever
  • It might be necessary for the University to remove this film from the VLE without notice
  • If I become aware of any actions which contravene this permission, or require additional viewing of this film, I will contact
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