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Reading List Guide: Exporting your Reading List

Introduction to the Library's Reading List Service

Exporting Your List

To export your list go to the Reading List Home Page

Then search for your module entering the module code in the search box

Then select your module and at the top to export your list at the top on the right go to :-

Then  drop the menu down an select what type of file you wish to export and select.

File Types

RIS - This option downloads a Research Information Systems (RIS) file. This file can be imported into your reference management tool, or used to add bulk resources to your 'My bookmarks' area, and even create a new reading list.

CSV - This option downloads a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file, which allows data to be saved in a structured table format. It takes the form of a text file containing information separated by commas, hence the name.

PDF - List - This option downloads a PDF of the list including sections.  Use this option when you want to print the entire list, not just those that have loaded on the visible part of the screen. This can be exported and printed for students to refer to when in the library gathering resources. The PDF also contains a QR code which can be scanned to take users back to the online version.

PDF - Bibliography - This option exports the full list of resources on the list, which may be alphabetical in the format of the citation style set on the page filter. Where the citation style has not been set on the list, the export will display the list in the chosen default citation style. The PDF also contains a QR code which can be scanned to take users back to the online version.

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