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This guide provides an explanation of known compatibility issues affecting the use of Ovid databases, with information on troubleshooting.

Overview of issue

We are aware of an browser related issue that is currently affecting the ability to combine searches by 'AND' and 'OR' on Ovid databases when using University of Exeter cluster PCs. The buttons used to combine searches in the advanced search mode are greyed out when using the Internet Explorer browser.

If you are unable to combine searches using the AND and OR buttons in Advanced search mode please try the following steps:

  • Switch to another browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome
  • Manually combine your search terms on Ovid using the instructions below

Manually combining search terms on Ovid

If the AND and OR buttons are unavailable in your search session, it is possible to manually combine your searches in the search box. To do this, you will need to type the number of the searches you would like to combine and separate these by AND. For example, to combine searches 1 and 2, type "1 AND 2" into the search box. See below for an example:

This issue is currently being investigated and the recommended steps detailed above should provide a work around to this issue. For more help or information on using Ovid databases, please contact with your enquiry.

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