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THE1074 Patristics Library Research Guide: Introducing Library Search

Library resources support for THE1074 Present and Future Salvation in the Church Fathers

Library Search Demos

Finding Resources via Library Search

  • Library Search is your discovery service for searching the library collections.  

  • Discover print and electronic books and journals on the library catalogue, and simultaneously search across a range of full text resources to discover individual articles, book chapters, and more. 

  • Use it:

    • to find specific items such as primary works and commentary

    • and for general subject/topic searching when you want to quickly and easily look at a range of full text sources on a topic.

  • ‚ÄčIt is a good starting point for introductory material, but does not search across all the databases available to you.

  • To research the global literature on a topic, and go beyond quick full text results, then you should follow up with a database search. 

  • You can tailor your search more precisely using all the sophisticated functionality available on the research databases.  

  • As the databases hold vast amounts of information, you need to search them effectively so that you find high quality results, rather than being overwhelmed by lots of irrelevant results.  Use the Search Techniques LibGuide for support.

  • The key specialist online theological research databases are flagged later in the guide.

  • A search for Ambrose of Milan in Library Search returns the following catalogue results.

  • Note the type of content. There is a mixture of print and electronic texts and commentary.

  • You could use this search to find the text of the source you wish to examine, as well as related commentary. 

  • This search finds matches in book and journal titles. 

  • For more granular searching within the content of books and journals you should use the Articles + more feature of Library Search and the research databases.

  • As well as searching for authors or writers you can also search by topic or book title. 

  • For example, you might want to search for patristics or early church fathers to find relevant content.

  • Here are a selection of results from a search for patristics, note that there is a mixture of print and electronic titles.





  • A search for Ambrose of Milan in Library Search returns the following articles + more results.

  • Note the type of content. There is a mixture of print and electronic texts and commentary, but at a far more granular level than with the catalogue search and you have many more search results.  

  • In addition to all the content in the Catalogue tab, there is also a wide range of content from various full text resources, with journal articles that match your search terms. 

  • An example of some matching journal article results are illustrated below.

  • You can also search for themes and concepts using relevant key words. 

  • In the example below a search has been run using salvation early church as keywords.

  • As the articles + more search matches on words in journal articles and chapters you may get many hundreds or thousands of results for some keyword searches.  You can make your search more focused by using additional keywords or narrower search terms.

  • Or you can use the limits in the Refine by: section to segment your search results.  For example, you could choose just to look at academic journal articles. You can add multiple refine limits, if necessary.  

  • The Search Techniques LibGuide has lots of additional support to help you conduct effective online searching for materials.

Library Search

Use Library Search to:

  • find book and journal titles and other items available online or in print via the Library Catalogue
  • search for Articles + more across a wide range of full text resources via the library's discovery service. This allows you to search within books and journal articles to find relevant content.

Help and guidance on using Library Search is available online via the Library Search LibGuide.

Use the Library Search LibGuide for help and guidance on searching

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