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Borrow, Renew, Request: Netbook Loans

Netbook service is temporarily unavailable due to technical faults.  We apologise for the inconvenience.

Using Netbooks

Where can I use a netbook? 

  • Netbooks only turn on when within range of the UoE network.

  • They don't work off campus or in halls of residence.  

What applications do they have?

  • You log-in with your university username and password and have access to:
    • internet
    • U: drive file space
    • microsoft office
    • adobe reader
    • student print service

Battery Life

  • Battery life is approximately 4 hours. 

  • A warning will appear when the battery is at 20% capacity or lower, but its always a good idea to save your work regularly.

  • If the device does switch off unexpectedly you will need to log back in within half an hour to recover any unsaved work from your last session.

Saving files 

  • Files should not be saved to the desktop on these computers. 
  • Files can be saved to your U drive or to a USB device.


Borrowing Netbooks

Where can I find a netbook?  

  • In lockers in the Forum Library and St Luke's Library

How do I borrow a netbook?

  • Pickup a netbook locker key

  • Borrow they key, like a book, via the self issue machines

  • Retrieve the netbook from the locker

  • Use netbook for up to 2 days, no renewal


Where are the keys?

  • Forum Library: keys with green keyfobs on the Locker Key Display at the Library entrance

  • St Luke's Library: keys in box below reservation shelves 


How do I return a netbook?

  • Return netbook to locker!

  • Forum Library: Return key through the Library Drop Box 

  • St Luke's library: Return key via Library return machine

  • Return keys on time

  • Locker Keys cannot be renewed

  • Overdue Locker Fines are 50p per day

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