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Borrow, Renew, Request: Netbook Loans

Information on Library borrowing services

Netbook Loans 

Several Netbooks (slimline laptop computers) are available to borrow via the Forum Library and St Luke's Library 

Netbooks can be used anywhere with a connection to the campus wifi network. They will not work off-site or via the halls of residences network.

Using Netbooks

Where can I use a netbook? 

  • Netbooks only turn on when within range of the UoE network.

  • They don't work off campus or in halls of residence.  

What applications do they have?

  • You log-in with your university username and password and have access to:
    • internet
    • U: drive file space
    • microsoft office
    • adobe reader
    • student print service

Battery Life

  • Battery life is approximately 4 hours. 

  • A warning will appear when the battery is at 20% capacity or lower, but its always a good idea to save your work regularly.

  • If the device does switch off unexpectedly you will need to log back in within half an hour to recover any unsaved work from your last session.

Saving files 

  • Files should not be saved to the desktop on these computers. 
  • Files can be saved to your U drive or to a USB device.


Borrowing Netbooks

Where can I find a netbook?  

  • In lockers in the Forum Library and St Luke's Library

How do I borrow a netbook?

  • Pickup a netbook locker key

  • Borrow they key, like a book, via the self issue machines

  • Retrieve the netbook from the locker

  • Use netbook for up to 2 days, no renewal


Where are the keys?

  • Forum Library: keys with green keyfobs on the Locker Key Display at the Library entrance

  • St Luke's Library: keys in box below reservation shelves 


How do I return a netbook?

  • Return netbook to locker!

  • Forum Library: Return key through the Library Drop Box 

  • St Luke's library: Return key via Library return machine

  • Return keys on time

  • Locker Keys cannot be renewed

  • Overdue Locker Fines are 50p per day

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