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Library Induction UoE: Tours

Online introduction to key library resources, services and facilities

Photo Tour: Forum Library

This is the Forum Library entrance on Level 0,

walk through the gates to enter

Use swipe card access when the

doors are closed overnight

Ask for assistance at the

Library Enquiry point in the foyer

Borrow books on our self-issue

machines in the foyer

Return books using our self service machine or post through our drop box

There are study seats, food and drink machines and book displays in the foyer area

Use the floorplan in the foyer to find where your books or study spaces are located

The books are arranged by the Dewey classification numbering system

(except for the Law library) 

Each stairwell has a floorplan

Level 0 study spaces, toilets, printers and bookshelves

Take the lift to other floors

Stairwell floorplan for level -1

Level -1 study spaces, printers and book shelves

AccessAbility registered students can book rooms on all three floors of the Forum library

Level -1 corridor to Law library and MakerSpace

Forum Digital MakerSpace

Level -1 Quiet study

Law library and journals 

are also on Level -1

Law library study spaces

Law books are arranged using the Moys classification numbering system

You can relax and take a break in the Seal Courtyard on Level -1

Laura Piper room has bookable booths and desks for group work

DVDs are held in these rolling stacks on Level -1

Journals are also held in the rolling stacks on level -1

Level -1 door to Quiet study and bookable rooms A,B,C

You can book Group study rooms A,B,C on level -1

Level -1 DVD, video and microfilm viewing stations

Stairwell floorplan level +1

Level +1 study spaces, toilets, printers and bookshelves

Level +1 Borrowing kiosk

Level +1 Quiet study area

Photo Tour: St Luke's Library (Haighton)

This is the St Luke's library building; use swipe card access to enter the building if the doors are closed

Use swipe card access to enter through the gates

Borrow and return books using the self-issue machine and book returns box on the Ground Floor corridor

Helpdesk on the ground floor is staffed 10.00 - 4.00 Monday to Friday. 

Please use live chat outside of those times

Printers are opposite the Helpdesk

Holds can be collected from the 'Reservations'

shelves opposite the Helpdesk

Books 001 - 699 and study spaces are located on the ground floor

Study Garden is accessed from the ground floor

SafePod room has quiet study desks

Gallery rooms are on the mezzanine. Access is via spiral staircase from the ground floor

Lockers are on the ground floor

Find your destination using the library floor directory at the bottom of the stairs

Take the stairs to first floor and turn right for AccessAbility room, presentation room, vending and study spaces

Student presentation room

AccessAbility room is on the first floor.  There is a platform lift to reach this room.

Continue up the next flight of stairs and through these doors to find books, study spaces, group study rooms and kitchen

Kitchen has hot and cold water

Books 700-999 are on the green shelves

on the first floor

There are two bookable Group study rooms on the first floor

Academic Liaison meeting room is on the first floor

Journals are held in the South reading room

Continue up the stairs to find the Silent study room on the second floor

The Book Returns letter box can be found outside, around the left-hand corner of the building. 

Giraffe House is across the quad from Haighton library and has PCs, printers, study spaces and bookable rooms.

Swipe to enter at the side of the building

There are bookable PCs and print facilities at Giraffe House

There are bookable study rooms at Giraffe House suitable for online calls and group study

There are bookable study booths (not soundproof) 

Photo Tour: Old Library

This is the Old Library Building

Floor maps help you find your way

Postgraduate Research Hub enquiry desk is staffed

10.00 - 3.00 Monday to Friday tel: 01392 72 6295

Books are on floors below, walk through gates and doors ahead

Make your way through the Bill Douglas display on Level 0 to access the library collections

Continue downstairs

Follow the signs on level -1 staircase

There are books on Level -1

Follow the signs on level -2 staircase

There are books and journals on level -2

You can also take the lift to other floors

Library borrowing and return facilities are on the ground floor.  Contact us on chat if you need help.

There is an out of hours Book return letter box on the outside of building

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