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Liberal Arts: Tutorial - Finding and using library resources: 5. Research databases

Online tutorial introducing you to the skills and techniques needed for effective library research

The databases in this section are multi-disciplinary in their scope. They contain scholarly literature on a wide range of subjects including the liberal arts. These databases primarily contain secondary sources such as journal articles, books, reviews etc, although some may contain a mix of both primary and secondary sources.



Explore each section and then complete the tutorial.


1. Humanities Index

Humanities Index is an international bibliographic index of scholarly research
across the humanities. Records include journals, reports, newspapers, conference reports  and other content from 1962 onwards.

Subject coverage:

Archaeology, Current Affairs, Education, Economic, Environment, Gender Studies, History, Law, Political Science, Religion

Find out more here.

 As a bibliographic index, this database contains records of scholarly material, not necessarily the full text content itself (although many records are linked to full-text).


2. Humanities International Complete

Humanities International Complete provides comprehensive coverage of worldwide humanities scholarly literature with full-text content.


​JSTOR is a multidisciplinary research database of full-text journals and e-books in all subject areas. The content includes some primary sources.

JSTOR is an archive with material only being uploaded periodically. The very latest journal articles and books will not be found in this database. However, it is a good source for older material.



4. International Bibliography of Social Sciences

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS) provides abstracts and indexes to literature across the social sciences. It covers 4 broad subjects areas: anthropology, economics, political science and sociology.

Find out more detailed about the collection here.

IBSS sits on the same platform as the British Humanities Index and both collections can be searched at the same time.

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