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Into the Field: Effective Library Research: Planning your Research Strategy

Online tutorial introducing you to the skills and techniques needed for effective library research

Why is it important to have a research strategy?


During your previous taught modules you will have been guided to relevant sources by your lecturer.

When you are conducting your own research proposal or project, you are responsible for finding, selecting, evaluating and managing all your research sources.

You are likely to use many more sources than you will have consulted for smaller pieces of assessed work, and perhaps many different and 'new to you' types of information.

Planning out your approach to your information gathering and management activities will ensure you can work effectively on your research critiques and proposals.



Plan Ahead


Don't just jump in and start searching!

Allow yourself some planning time .

Spend some time at the start of the process, thinking  about your research topic and scoping out the best way to manage your library research.

This time investment will pay off in the long run, as a well managed approach to your library research activities will contribute to the success of your final proposal/project.

You will understand what you need, where to find it, and how to evaluate, manage and reference the material.



Where to start


It can seem a little overwhelming at first and you may not be sure how to start scoping out your research activity.

It can help to break things down into steps to guide you

It is useful to think of these under four headings





You'll find out more about these steps as you work through the tutorial. 

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