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Computer Science: Tutorial - Finding and using library resources: 4. Where should I look? A to Z database list

Online tutorial introducing you to the skills and techniques needed for effective library research

A- Z Databases

You can access the databases via the A to Z Database List.

Use the A-Z Databases list:

  • To conduct comprehensive literature review of a topic
  • To search specialist resources such as archives, news, mapping, image sources etc.

You can quickly find the most relevant databases by selecting Computer Science from the drop down subject menu.

The 'core resources' for Computer Science appear at the top of the list. These are key databases that are likely to be of interest to anyone studying in this area.

Explore the Computer Science listings to become familiar with all the Computer Science resources available to you.

Each entry in the A-Z database list has an information icon. Hover over that symbol for information about the content that is available in the database and an idea of why it might be useful for research purposes. 



You can search for databases by the type of content they contain. This can be particularly useful if you are only interested in one type of source such as Primary sources or audiovisual sources.

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