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Highlighting development opportunities for library staff and news and views in UK Libraries and HE

The Library's approach to professional development

"The library supports the development of everybody in the team. This isn't limited to current roles, development for future roles is supported as well. Development is chiefly the responsibility of the individual, they know best how they want to develop and who discuss with their manager, who is there to support, advise and guide, how development will support the library's goals and their own aims. Development should be discussed in PDRs and 1-2-1s and isn't just about going on courses and conferences 

There's an HR rule of thumb which says  that 70% of development should come from work related tasks such as new projects or areas, 20% from relationships with people such as getting feedback or mentoring and 10% from courses and training. The library supports all three forms and will make sure that there are opportunities within the library for people to develop through work as well as providing feedback, other personal support and training. "

James Anthony-Edwards, University Librarian.  August 2019

Current Development Opportunities - Get in touch to find out more


Writing Support Group - volunteers needed to setup and run a support group for staff looking to highlight activities and reflections through contributions to the professional library literature or through papers at conferences.


If you have projects or tasks planned that you could offer as a development opportunity to colleagues, please send details via the feedback form and they can be featured here

About Library Staff Development

This LibGuide grew out of the Library Staff Development Task and Finish group project that ran across May - June 2019. 

You can see a record of the Task & Finish Group work in the archived project LibGuide.

You can also access the Task & Finish Group:

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