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CILIP Professional Registration - Library Support Group: Chartership

Professional Registration - Chartership [MCLIP]

"Chartership is a great way to further develop your foundation of skills and knowledge and apply these skills and knowledge in your current and future activities. It demonstrates that you are committed to your own development and to working in information services. Through application of your learning in professional practice you can achieve recognition as a Chartered library and information professional."

Taken from CILIP website -

Chartership Handbook

Evaluative Statement Examples

Assessment Criteria for Chartership

There are three main assessment criteria which you should bear in mind throughout your chartership process:

  1. Identify areas for improvement in your personal performance, undertake activities to develop skills, apply these in practice, and reflect on the process and outcome
  2. Examine the organisational context of your service, evaluate service performance, show the ability to implement or recommend improvement, and reflect on actual or desired outcomes
  3. Enhanced your knowledge of the wider professional context and reflect on areas of current interest

What Should Be In Your Portfolio

Your portfolio needs to be submitted using the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The structure and layout is flexible: you can use whichever style you prefer, but you must make sure that it is clear and easy for the assessors to navigate and assess.

A submission must consist of:

  • A reflective evaluative statement (a maximum of 1,000 words in length)
  • Supporting evidence pieces
  • The completed online PKSB self-assessment form (available from the CILIP website) - includes 2 rating columns: one from the start of the process, one from the end
  • A Mentor Completion form for Certification and Chartership Candidates. Fellowship candidates provide two letters of support for their application, one of which should be written by their mentor.
  • A copy of your  CV
  • An annotated job description for your current role

You can upload content and assemble it into a submission in the CILIP Portfolio side of the Virtual Learning Environment. This can then be shared with your mentor before you submit so they can see your portfolio in full before it is sent in for assessment.

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