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CILIP Professional Registration - Library Support Group: Current Events

Events and Training

Joint K&IM & EMLIP event: KM Standard ISO 30401 and latest on CILIP's KM Chartership - 24/10/19

Join CILIP's K&IM group and EMLIP for a lunch-time networking and information session with speakers Dion Lindsay and Karen McFarlane speaking about CILIP's KM Chartership programme and the KM Standard ISO 30401.

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GIG Visit to Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Library  - 12/11/19

STFC’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) Library would like to invite GIG members to a visit in its premises at Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire.

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Volunteering: What's Involved?  Wednesday 20 November 2019 10:00-16:15

The Glass Box, Taunton Library

Join CILIP South West for a day-programme addressing the key issues associated with the use of volunteering in library services.

Course aims: 


  • To provide a brief introduction to the new CILIP Volunteering Hub, and explore ways in which we can work with volunteers.

  • To explore how to decide whether volunteers are the answer.

  • To examine the ways in which libraries work with volunteers – to include, for example, roles and responsibilities, terminology and practical examples.

  • To share experiences of, and ideas for, working with volunteers in different types of library and information services.

  • To outline best-practice in working with volunteers.

  • To consider how we can ensure that an understanding of equality and diversity is built into all parts of the volunteering process.


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UKeiG CPD: Advanced Knowledge Management: Strategy & Digital Implementation  - 28/11/19

This advanced course explores KM strategic planning and how to implement KM platforms effectively in the digital workplace. It mixes a little theory with case studies and current issues to help you to articulate an organisational business plan to champion and start you on the road to a pervasive and successful KM culture in your organisation.

It assumes a basic understanding of types of Knowledge Management (a booklet on the essentials will be available before the course) and emphasises the enterprise-level implications of KM.

It is a more advanced course than Dion’s popular “Practical KM for Information Professionals” 

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CILIP ARLG DARTS7 (Discover Academic Research Training and Support) Conference - 10/06/2020 to 11/06/2020

The 7th CILIP ARLG DARTS Conference will be held at Dartington Hall, Totnes on 10 – 11th June 2020, with a conference theme of collaboration and partnership in research. Full details about the DARTS conferences past and present can be accessed via our website.

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Getting started with Professional Registration - 20/11/2019 @12.30

With Professional Registration re-opening after a break over the summer, join Juanita Foster-Jones for an update on what's changed and why professional registration is the next step on your career. In this webinar you will:

  • Understand the benefits of Professional Registration
  • An overview of how Professional Registration works
  • Identify the right level of Professional Registration for you
  • Understand the changes to submission and support

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Open access monographs: an overview - 04/12/2019 @14:30

Open Access in journals is well established and understood; however OA monographs are in the relatively early stages of development.

This Webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Brief history and context, including policies;
  • Developing infrastructure;
  • Business models;
  • Publishers;
  • Future developments.

Main learning outcome is an understanding of:

  • The place of OA monographs in Open Science
  • Policies
  • The publishing landscape
  • Business models.

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