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Law: Dominion Law Reports

DLR Access problems

Login with your usual IT Services username and password. You may encounter an access denied message at login.  This is related to browser cookie issues. Use the troubleshooting tips to resolve the login issues.


1 Try clearing the domain cookies.

If you are using the Chrome browser

  • Select Settings > Advanced > Site Settings > Cookies and site data
  • Add this web domain into the Clear on Exit Field:

This should resolve the problem by deleting the cookies from the Canada Law Book domain each time you close your browser.


2 Delete all cookies 

If problems persist, you will need to go and delete the cookies from your web browser

  • In Chrome, go to the menu > Settings > Advanced > Clear browsing data 
  • Select Cookies and other site data and click on Clear Data

3. Try a Different Browser for a quick temporary fix

To temporarily resolve the problem you can

  • Try using a different browser.
  • Try opening a new private window in you current browser.  For FireFox this is Ctrl+Shift+P , for Chrome it is Ctrl+Shift+N  .  Now try accessing the page you wanted from this window


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