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CSSIS: Library Skills Refresher

Law Trove


If you are studying Law or Criminology, you will be interested to take a look at Law Trove.  This service provides full text access to a range of legal and criminology textbooks produced by Oxford University Press.  These can be ideal for some introductory reading around a topic and many will be used as part of your module readings.

Law Trove also connects you with additional related resources available via the library collections and includes self test materials so you can test your understanding as you work with the textbook content.

Logging in to Law Trove

Click to Access Law Trove.

If you are off campus and prompted for login, use the Sign in via your institution option on the left hand side of the homepage and follow the instructions. You will need to choose University of Exeter as your institution and then login with your usual University username and password.

The screenshot below highlights where you need to look on the Law Trove Homepage

Law Trove Homepage

Creating a Personal Profile

You can create and log in with a secondary, personal profile in order to take advantage of personalised features such as saving content and annotations to your own personal area

This section appears in the top- right of the website.  Once you are signed in you will see your name in the top right.  Ensure you are logged in to your personal profile if you wish to personalise any content

Law Trove Home Page, top right



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