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Advanced Clinical Practice subject guide: Literature searching support videos


These videos assume some prior knowledge of creating a search strategy using Boolean operators. If this sounds new to you or if you need a refresh, take a look at our search techniques guides in the links below before watching the videos.

Searching research databases on the Ovid platform

Many of our medical and health related research databases are hosted on the Ovid platform. You can search the databases Medline, Embase and PsycINFO and many others. This search platform allows you to carry out basic searches (e.g. simple searches for article titles, authors or individual keywords) or more advanced searches using Boolean logic and advanced search techniques. 

The video to the right demonstrates how to run an multi-field search on Medline on the Ovid platform. 

Access Ovid databases here

Searching the Medline (PubMed) database

The database Medline is available through several different platforms, including Ovid that we covered above. PubMed is a freely available website where you can search Medline. Becoming familar with PubMed is recommended as you will be able to use it to search for literature once you finish your programme, while working in clinical practice. It offers lots of helpful features to help you get better results.

Watch the video to the right for a demonstration of how to run an advanced search on PubMed.

Ovid databases search video

Medline (PubMed) search video

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