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Copyright for Creating Commercial Courses

Guidance for staff involved in designing and building courses with a commercial purpose, such as corporate education and training.


Copyright letter tilesThis guide is intended for Academic and Professional Services staff of the University who are involved in designing and building modules for commercial courses. It will address the particular issues that you need to consider in relation to courses that are commercial in nature, such as the provision of teaching/training materials to external companies. If you would like a more general introduction to copyright as it relates to education then please see our separate LibGuide Copyright for Lecturers.

Teaching and learning would be impossible without the use of copyright protected material owned by others. For the vast majority of teaching and learning activity that takes place in the University, we are able to make careful use of various educational licences and statutory exceptions. However, these licences and exceptions are not applicable when incorporating third party owned learning content for commercial purposes, such as the provision of teaching/training material to commercial entities.

(Image: Copyright by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images, available via The Blue Diamond Gallery).

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