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Copyright for Creating Commercial Courses

Guidance for staff involved in designing and building courses with a commercial purpose, such as corporate education and training.

Original work

Where possible it is advisable to create your own original content from scratch. It'sComputer keyboard with 'create' key worth mentioning here that although you may have authored work in the past, you may not necessarily be the copyright owner of that work. When authors publish work in academic journals, books and other scholarly publications, they often sign contracts that require them to transfer ownership of copyright to the publisher. This situation is gradually changing with
greater use of open access publishing and rights retention practices, but it is advisable to be certain of the copyright status of your work before you re-use it in commercial teaching materials. It may be necessary to obtain direct permission from the publisher for re-use, depending on the detail of your contract with them.

The copyright for any teaching materials created by you during the course of your employment will be owned by the University, in line with UK law and as set out in our IP Policy.

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