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Copyright for Creating Commercial Courses

Guidance for staff involved in designing and building courses with a commercial purpose, such as corporate education and training.

Requesting permission

If no open licences or statutory exceptions apply to the use you wish to make of someone else's copyright
work, then it will be necessary to obtain permission directly from the copyright owner or any agent acting
on their behalf. It can take some time to identify the copyright owner, contact them and receive a reply, therefore it's advisable to begin this process well in advance of any course materials going live. There may be one of several outcomes to this process:

1) The owner or agent will grant permission, in return for the inclusion of a specific attribution statement and possibly a licence fee;

2) The owner or agent will deny permission; or

3) You will not receive a reply to your request.

If the outcome is 1) then you will need to ensure that there is a budget and procedure in place within your faculty for the payment of the licence fee. If the outcome is 2) or 3) then you will need to have a back-up image/extract/resource to use in its place.

(Image by from Pexels).

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