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Using film in teaching

Film screenings

Film screening simply refers to showing films to a class during real time.You can show films that are available from our digital film collections, or from our DVD collections.

Streaming films from our online collections is simple as you just need to click on the film's link and then share your screen either using a classroom projector or via Teams.

If you want to screen films from our DVD collection, you can ask the library to make sure it is available for the date that you need it.

Live streaming


If the film you need is not available via our digital platforms then you are permitted to stream content providing that the Library owns a copy of the DVD


If the Library doesn't own a copy of the DVD, contact the Reading List team ( with the film and module details and we will purchase a library copy wherever possible. 


When showing DVDs/films to students via a live screening event, lecturers must ensure that they meet the following criteria:

1)      Screenings must be limited to teaching staff and students registered on a particular module only.

2)      Showing the film must be for the purposes of instruction.

3)      Screenings must be scheduled for a defined time or times (ideally a maximum of two screenings per film, scheduled to reach students in different time zones where necessary).

4)      The platform used must be a closed loop, password-protected one, e.g. ELE or Teams.

5)      Only DVDs that have been purchased and are in the Library’s collections must be used, so that the DVD (and the copyright) has been originally acquired properly. Where a member of staff has purchased their own copy of a DVD that is held in the University Library, this can also be used.

6)      Students/staff need to be made aware that the film must not be recorded while it’s being streamed and must not be posted elsewhere on the internet.

Material should not be streamed outside these parameters without further advice. A quick take-down policy would apply in the event of a complaint from copyright owners. The piece of legislation that we would be relying upon to do the above is Section 34 of the CDPA, which relates to performing, playing or showing work in the course of activities of an educational establishment.

This will not permit making a copy of a DVD or format-shifting.

Short excerpts of DVDs/films can also be used for teaching under the ‘illustration for instruction’ exception outlined in Section 32 of the CDPA, as long as it is accompanied by a sufficient acknowledgement and meets all of the ‘fair dealing’ criteria. In all cases, where content is available via a service that we subscribe to (e.g. Box of Broadcasts, Kanopy) that should be the preferred method of delivery.

Requesting a DVD for a one-off film screening

To ensure the availability of the DVD on a specific date, please email the Reading List Team at least two weeks in advance of the date needed.

This gives us enough time to recall the DVD if it's on loan and move it from the library shelves to the temporary film screening collection.

We will confirm your request via email.

Collect your DVD from the Forum Library Enquiry Desk between 8AM -6PM Monday to Friday. Remember to bring your Staff ID card!

Requesting multiple DVDs for film screenings 

To guarantee availability of films for the duration of your module, email the Reading List Team with a complete list of film titles you will want to screen before the start of your module.

Please include:

  • the bibliographic details for the film
  • dates for the screenings
  • the module code

You can send us a list which contains both your screenings and the module reading list.

Find out more about creating an ELE module reading list

 Collecting your DVDs for film screenings

DVDS for film screenings have an extended loan period. Please collect all of the DVDs required for your module at the start of the term and return them by the end of term.

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