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Sustainability at the Penryn and Falmouth campus libraries

by Lee Snook on 2020-02-04T09:42:55+00:00 | 2 Comments

We are delighted to feature a post from our Cornwall Campuses.  Read on to find out all about a range of green library initiatives that are assisting the libraries to play a part in the sustainability agenda.  Maybe these ideas will inspire you to adopt the same or similar practices in your work area?


"Hello, this is an introduction to the sustainability ‘actions’ we’ve taken at the Cornwall Campuses over the past few years.

We’ve previously taken part in the Green Impact scheme here at Penryn Campus Library, achieving the Bronze award in 2016 and then Silver in 2017. The Falmouth campus library has taken part as a separate team, led by Jeanette Langley-Brown. They have achieved the Bronze award and worked on some great projects including the creation of a beautiful vegetable garden on the Falmouth campus.

Here are some of the measures we’ve taken to lessen the library’s environmental impact and raise awareness of green issues:


  • Created a digital newsletter for staff, ‘The Green Noticeboard’, to share sustainability news and events. We’ve promoted schemes like the Big Garden Birdwatch and local businesses like Un_rap, the plastic free shop that opened in Falmouth in 2018.
  • A designated noticeboard on Level 2 of the library, for sharing information. We are currently working on an informative display listing the locations of available recycling points across the campuses.
  • Withdrawn books are given to Betterworld Books who then sell, recycle or reuse the stock donations.  
  • Notices up in all offices reminding staff to switch off lights, PCs and other electrical equipment at the end of the day, and we now have bin-free office!
  • We have a compost bin in the staffroom for food waste, this is emptied weekly for use in the student allotments. 
  • Recycling bins throughout the library, including a bin with a separate compartment for liquid waste.
  • Water fountains to encourage use of refillable bottles – which get plenty of use!
  • Motion sensor lighting - meaning areas are only lit when in use.
  • Recycling box for used writing instruments (pens, highlighters) which then get taken to the Terracycle recycling point on campus." 


by Kay Hebbert, Library Assistant Penryn Campus


There are some great ideas there - thanks for sharing those Kay! Colleagues in the Forum Library were particularly interested to learn about the pen recycling service - that is one we will definitely be following up on here in Exeter.

If your work area has also introduced some green practices that you'd like to share with the wider University community, do get in touch and we'll be happy to share your ideas via the blog.

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Caroline Gale 2020-02-04T12:24:05+00:00

My son's school collects pens for recycling, so perhaps we could just have a box in the Returns Room that I can take and empty at school occasionally?


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Lee Snook 2020-02-04T12:58:46+00:00

Great idea - thanks Caroline.



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