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Trying out some new recycling schemes at the University Library

by Lee Snook on 2020-02-26T15:08:00+00:00 | Comments

Today we are featuring a guest blog post from our lovely library colleague, Amelia, outlining some great recycling ideas she has instigated at the University Library. 

"Hi everyone, I’m just sharing a few very small things we have implemented in our library office at the Forum.

I have to admit I’ve only just discovered the excellent terracycle recycling program through my daughter’s school who are collecting crisp packets, toothpaste tubes and pens.  I thought we could do something similar in our office which wouldn’t be too difficult to organise so I had a little investigate at

I found we could recycle our crisp packets (don’t judge!) at Waitrose who have a drop off point so each week or so I take our packets on the way home and go via Waitrose and drop them in.  Easy Peasy.

I’ve also just found out that pens can be recycled at Ryman’s on Fore St in town so they are next on the list, we will start to collect up used pens in the office and I’ll drop them to Ryman’s when our collection box is full.  Super easy!  (I have to admit I’m jealous Penryn campus have a terracycle recycling point on their campus though!)

These are just 2 small things we are doing that are really easy to implement and don’t take up much space or time at all.  Have a look at the terracycle website and see if there’s anything you could do to recycle items that can’t go through the usual council recycling bins.  It’s very satisfying!"  

by Amelia, University of Exeter Library


Thanks for sharing these ideas Amelia and for helping us all be a little more green in the Library.

If you have any similar arrangements in place in your work area, do let us know so that we can share all these great ideas.  Just get in touch!


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