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Economics Subject Guide: - Database support videos -

Subject Guide - help and guidance on finding resources in your subject area

Database support videos


This page contains a collection of support videos for some our main databases covering company information, market research and economic information.

For additional support and guidance on using these resources, try our interactive online tutorials:

Finding Company Information

Finding Market Research

Videos: Finding company information

Guidance on how to find and navigate company profiles within Fame and Orbis.

Outlines how to search Fame and Orbis to find companies that match a specific set of criteria. For example: companies with a particular number of employees, companies with a certain level of turnover, companies within a specific sector etc.

How to use Marketline to access company profiles, case studies and more.

How you can easily use Statista to locate detailed statistics and dossiers on a range of global companies.

Passport is a helpful but complex resource. This video highlights a simple way to locate company profiles within the database.

Guidance on how to use Filings Expert to search for a range of company documents and filings; including: annual reports, interim results, press releases, SEC filings and more. 

Videos: Finding market research and economic information

Using Mintel to access a range of market research reports and infographics.

How to access Marketline's extensive collection of global industry analysis.

Highlights how to retrieve economic information from Marketline. Marketline provides various reports on the economy and business environment of countries and cities worldwide.

Detailed guidance on how to access in-depth industry analysis and statistics within Passport.

Highlights Passport's new Datagraphics feature. This tool allows you to easily view detailed global industry data in a clear, visual format. 

How to make the most of Passport's many features to successfully retrieve detailed international economic information. 

How to use Statista to find data, statistics and information on the business and economic environment of nearly 350 countries and cities.

Videos: Finding news sources

UPDATE: You might notice that the Nexis interface has had a refresh. Have no fear, these changes are largely cosmetic, and the advice in this video is still accurate.

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