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How to access full text articles: Quick guide

A step by step guide to accessing articles

How to access full text online journal articles in

4 easy steps


1.  Carry out a library search


2. Refine your search to journals

Refine your search results to Academic journals AND Full Text


3. Click on the full text link

This could appear as a PDF  or in a hyperlink box


4.  View the article

View the article online or download.

Our journal articles sit on a variety of different platforms, and access routes can therefore vary.

If the article doesn't open immediately, look for the Full text PDF or hyperlink option to open it. 

If you are struggling to open the full text, try the suggestions below.

Accessing articles from databases

You can also search for journal article within databases. Some databases provide direct access to full text articles, while others contain just the index or citation information (typically the bibilographic details and abstract), and these require a few more steps to get access to the full text. Some databases can contain a mixture of both types. 

If you are having difficulty getting access to the full text of an article, then try the following options suggested in the Having Problems accessing full text? Try these suggestions box.

Problems accessing the full text? Try these suggestions

Is there a  ‘Find this @ Exeter’ option next to your search result?

If so, click on the link to open the Full Text Finder Results.  This lets you know whether it has found a full-text source for the article.

If it has, you will see a link to the full text article:

If not, you can check Library Search to see whether we have a subscription to the journal by clicking the Library Title Search link (See option 3).

Make a note of the article details and carry out a search in in Library Search.

Imagine you are looking for this article:

Complexity in healthcare management: why does Drucker describe healthcare organizations as a double-headed monster? International Journal of Healthcare Management, 2016 Vol. 9 Iss. 1 p. 11 - 17

1. Use Library Search to search for the journal's title: International Journal of Healthcare Management’ 
    You’ll see whether we have subscribe and have online or print access.

2. Click on the link to access. 

3. Find your article using the date, volume, and issue numbers of the article's reference (e.g. 2016, Vol. 9, Issue 1). Open the relevant edition and scroll down the list of articles to find the one you want, and click on the PDF to access.

Change your  Google Scholar settings to show links to University of Exeter subscribed content.

Go to Settings > Library Links and type University of Exeterinto the search box. The box below will appear.

Make sure the University of Exeter box is ticked and click on Save. Run your search in Google Scholar - sometimes the link to the PDF will appear alongside the results, as shown below.

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