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Library Induction UoE: 2. Borrowing

Online introduction to key library resources, services and facilities

Borrow, renew, reserve


From using the library self-issue machines to navigating your online library record; borrowing, renewing and reserving items from the University of Exeter libraries collections is simple.


Click here to find how to locate books on the shelves in 3 easy steps.

Borrowing books from the Library has never been simpler.

At our self-issue machines:

1) Select borrow and scan your ID 

2) Place the item in the reader area

3) Wait for the item to appear on screen and select 'finished'

That's it! Happy studying everyone.

Returning your books at the Forum Library: 

1) Select the start button

2) Feed your book(s) into the machine one at a time

3) Check that the book title is listed on the left of the screen, this means it has been cleared from your record

4) Confirm when you’re finished.


Using the self-issue machines at Penryn to borrow or return
1) Select borrow, return or renew
2) Place your library card under the scanner if borrowing
3) Place items on the scan bed and follow the on screen instructions
4) When finished select receipt type if required
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