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Library Induction UoE: 1. Libraries

Online introduction to key library resources, services and facilities

This is the Forum Library entrance on Level 0,

walk through the gates to enter

Use swipe card access when the

doors are closed overnight

Find the right floor for your subject

using the foyer floor plan

Books are on three floors,

take the stairs to Level -1 or +1

Floorplans with subject and classmark detail

are located in the stairwells

 Level +1 books are on green shelves

Level 0 books are on yellow shelves

Level -1 books are on orange shelves

Law library and journals 

are also on Level -1

Borrow books on our self-issue

machines in the foyer

Return books through our machine and

collect reservations in the foyer

Ask for assistance at the

Library Enquiry point in the foyer

Use drop box to return inter-library loans and locker keys

immediately outside the library entrance

This is the Old Library Building

Floor maps help you find your way

Books are on floors below, walk through gates and doors ahead

Books are on the floors below, walk through the gallery to the stairs

Books are downstairs

Use the floor plan to help find material on Level -1

Use the floor plan to help find material on Level -2

Library help phone & borrowing machine are on the ground floor

Book return letter box is on the outside of building

As a University of Exeter student, you can use any of the university libraries. There are also a wide range of study spaces available for you to use
. Some of our Libraries and study spaces are available 24/7.

Find out more below.

This is the St Luke's Library building; use swipe card access to enter the building if the doors are closed

Use swipe card access to enter the Library

Find the right floor for your subject using the library plan by the bottom of the stairs

Books 001 - 699 and study spaces are located on the Ground Floor

Reserved items can be collected from the 'Reservations'

shelves opposite the Enquiry Desk

 Journals and pamphlets are also located on the Ground Floor

Go upstairs and through these doors to find books and study spaces located on the 1st Floor

Books 700-999 are on the green shelves

on the First Floor

Borrow and return books using the self-issue machine and book returns box on the Ground Floor corridor

When library staff are unavailable you can access help using the library help phone that can be found on the Ground Floor in the entrance to the room with books

The Book Returns letter box can be found outside, around the left-hand corner of the building. 

Cornwall libraries video

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