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Guidance on using the Library's postal/copy/scan services

What are postal loan, photocopy and scan services?

In some circumstances, we may post items or scan material for you by request. We offer a postal loan service, whereby we can post copies of books only held in print in the library to your address. We do not usually post books outside of the UK, however we may make an exception if an item is essential to your research or study, please make this clear in your request. This service is also not available from our Cornwall campus libraries. 

We also offer photocopy and scan services to ensure that you can make full use of the material that is held in print within the library. For a small charge, we can send you scanned PDFs or photocopies of journal articles or individual book chapters.

Who can use the service?

All staff and students can apply for postal loans.

What can be sent out?

Where we do not have an electronic version, we will send you:

  • Standard Loan items via post
  • Scans of journal articles via email
  • Scans of book chapters via email
  • Photocopies of journal articles or book chapters on request (please state on the relevant request form)

How much will it cost?

Where applicable costs will be as detailed below:

  • £2.50 per book plus return postage if book is returned by post
  • £2.50 per photocopied article
  • £2.50 per PDF sent by email

How do I make a request?

How do I request a Postal Loan book?

Please place a request using the 'Request a book via postal loan' form below. Where applicable a £2.50 charge will then be added to your library account. You can pay this charge on the library online fine payment system.

Request a book via postal loan

How do I return a Postal loan book?

Please return books in person, or by post. You are responsible for the cost for return postage for books. We suggest that you obtain a free proof of postage slip from your post office, standard post is sufficient. 

Please note that books are subject to recall at any time. If you receive a recall email the due date will be reduced to 7 days, please post the item back by the due date to avoid fines. 

If you have any problems returning the item, let us know by emailing postal loan return form and label is available for you to use (please see below). Please complete the return form and we will let you know when the books have been received. 

How do I request a journal article scan or copy of a book chapter?

Before you request Journal articles or book chapters (PDF format), please check the library catalogue to see if we have an electronic version of the material. 

If we only have print, please make a request. Complete the correct form below to place a request. We must receive this form before we can send out your request due to copyright regulations.

Request a journal article scan

Request a copy of a book chapter


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