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Reading List Guide: What is Kortext?

A quick introduction to the reading list service from the Library

Reading Lists

Don't forget to send us your reading lists! If we receive a reading list from you, Library staff will automatically request Kortext e-textbooks for your students. Click the picture above to find out more about the Library's Reading List Service.

Want to know more?

Click the Kortext logo to access the company website, where you can find much more information about the potential of Kortext in teaching, as well as case studies from other institutions that have partnered with the company.


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Kortext LibGuide

Click the logo to access the full Kortext LibGuide. This explains why the Library has access to Kortext, what it is and how it can be used.

What does Kortext do?

Kortext aims to supply e-textbooks for any reading list items that the Library has been unable to source via established e-book vendors. They negotiate directly with publishers to make publications available electronically that were previously only available for library purchase as print. However, Kortext can only give us access to only "born digital" content, so anything published prior to the digital era or where the publisher holds no digital proofs cannot be sourced via Kortext. They aim to supply most publications from within the last 20 years but most consistently supply titles published since 2010. Kortext do not retrospectively digitise older print publications.

Whenever Library staff request an e-textbook from Kortext, we let them know which module it is required for and give them the lead tutor's name and email address. This enables Kortext to give you access to a free electronic "desk copy" version of the book for your personal use when preparing content and assignments. More importantly, this also gives you access the powerful Kortext Analytics interface which enables you to see how your students are engaging with the text.

What do my students need to do?

To ensure accurate analytics, students are required to register themselves on the Kortext platform. Whenever Library staff request Kortext content for a module, we will add a link in the Access your Library section of the module ELE page. Students need only click this link once and they will be successfully registered on the module for analytics purposes. Students will then be presented with their Kortext Bookshelf, showing at a glance all the Kortext content requested for their module.

Once registered, students can then access Kortext content either through ELE, from their Aspire Reading List, or through the Library Catalogue. Kortext will then track their usage of the module readings against the module on which they are registered.

What do I need to do?

Nothing! The Library is administering the acquisition of Kortext content, as well as managing the analytics. You don't even need to remind us to keep Kortext titles active for your module each year. For as long as we remain subscribed to Kortext, we'll roll over all requested titles each academic year until you tell us that they are no longer required for your module.

As a module tutor, the most helpful things you can do for your students are:

The Library will do the rest. However, you can see for yourself the wide range of publications available via Kortext by visiting their online store. If you spot any publications in the Kortext Store you would like to access, just get in touch and tell us what to request.

If you would like to make something available to your students via Kortext but cannot find it on the store, please let the Library know and, as long as it was published within the last 10 years and is not too niche, there's a good chance Kortext will still be able to supply it.

Some Heavily Used Kortext E-Textbooks

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