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BEMM381: Tourism Business - Finding information for your assessments: 2) Tourism and economic information

This page highlights four of our best resources for accessing analysis, data and statistics for both the tourism industry worldwide and international economies.


Each resource offers in-depth insight into the tourism industry within different countries as well as information on the wider economy and business environment of countries worldwide.


Note that while Statista, Marketline and Passport offer data and analysis on tourism around the world, Mintel specialises in information focused on the UK market.

Tourism and economic information

The four videos below provide quick introductions to each database, with tips and advice on how to make the most of them for this module. Click on the links below the videos to access each resource. The short activity at the bottom of the page gives you a chance to explore these databases yourself.



Click here to access a short quiz and activity on using Mintel, Marketline, Passport and Statista.

Use what you have learned in the videos above to help answer the questions and complete the activity.

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