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About the provides in depth coverage of UK and international business, finance, economic and political news. It also contains comment and analysis from leading journalists and insight into management trends and new developments. It contains the full content of all information published in the Financial Times since 2004. 

If you want to research earlier years, use The Financial Times Historical Archive, 1888-2010 a complete searchable facsimile of the printed edition.

Registering for access and renewal


FT requires user to reauthenticate annually via an institutional login.  Use this link when you are prompted to re-register after a year and this will restore your access. Login with your usual IT services username and password.

The first time you use you will need to register.

  • Make sure you access the FT via the university system. Use the A-Z Databases List or the access link via this guide.
  • You should then be taken though to a form on the FT website (see below). Complete the form to activate your FT account.

  • You will get a confirmation that you have successfully registered.
  • Click on Browse to go back to the search screen

You will need to sign in with your email address and the password you have just created whenever you use Always use the University link for access.

Please note you will need to re-authenticate yearly to maintain your access. registration form screenshot



You can run a quick search for articles by clicking on the search icon (magnifying glass) and then entering your search.

Screenshot showing search for "global warming"

You can use the search filters to narrow your search by data range or keywords.

You can select a custom range to set an exact date range. Choose the same start and end date if you wish to search a particular day.



To browse for the the latest news, run your mouse across the various headings in the menu bar at the top of the screen and click on the content you want to view.

You can choose from UK and World news, Companies, Markets, Opinion, etc.

Use the menu button in the top left to access other parts of the site such as today's newspapers, Videos, Special Reports etc.

Detailed browsing and searching

To search or browse in more detail, use the ePaper version.

Select ePaper from the menu button and then look at today's paper or the archive to browse and find articles.

Screenshot of ePaper menu showing browsing by date, country

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