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German Law Research Guide: LibGuide - online library support

Introducing German Law resources

A quick guide to introduce you to key German Law resources


Finding Resources Using Library Search

Library Search

Search across the print and online collections for books, chapters, articles, journals and lots more. 

Library Search will help you discover books, journals, articles, audio visual material and more on your chosen topic. This is a good place to start when you are beginning to research a topic as you can draw on content from a variety of different sources.

For more in depth research in databases and archives, use the A-Z Databases List.

I am looking for ...

You have access to numerous legal databases via the Databases A-Z. Explore the Law subject listing to see all the resources.

The key German Law databases is Beck Online

You have full text access to all resources in the Beck Zilvrecht Premium Package, including Münchener Kommentar zum Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuch

You can search the other materials on Beck Online but you will be able to access brief details of the publications only - full text is not available for all modules.

You will need to register for an account on the Beck Online site before you can access the full text content. 


Use Library Search to look up all the book titles available to you.  This will show you both print and ebook titles.

Examples include:

General print works on German law are classified at KV 2011 in the Law Library.

Other subjects are:
KV 2019        Constitutional law
KV 2020        Administrative law
KV 2021        Criminal law
KV 2024        Civil law
KV 2037        Employment law
KV 2039        Commercial law
KV 2047        Civil procedure

Most up-to-date material on more specific topics, e.g. constitutional or civil law, is likely to be in German, although some studies have been written in English.


The Law Library subscribes to a number of German legal journals including:

  • Juristische Schulung (JuS)
  • Neue juristische Wochenschrift (NJW).
Law Reports

Several series of law reports are received, including:

  • Entscheidungen des Bundesgerichtshofes in Zivilsachen
  • ​Entscheidungen des Bundessozialgerichts (until 1996)
  • Entscheidungen des Bundesverfassungsgerichts.

These are shelved in the reports section of the Lasok Law Library.



The Bundesregierung website provides information in English, French and German about all aspects of the German Federal Government.

Deutscher Bundestag is the website of the German Parliament; Bundesratis the Federal Council.


Legal system


Gesetze im Internet is a joint project between the Ministry of Justice and Juris publishers to provide free online access to the German statutes and regulations. The site includes English translations of the German Civil Code (BGB).

Juristisches Internetprojekt Saarbrucken has extensive resources for German law students.

Internet sources

German Law Archive is a useful guide to resources about German law published in English, both on the web and in print. It includes translations of legal documents, like the new German Law of Obligations.

The German Law Journal is an English-language online journal.

Humboldt Forum Recht is a newly established web journal in German from the Humboldt University in Berlin.


Company and commercial law


German Business and Commercial Laws: guide to translations into English and select auxiliary sources, by Martina Kammer and Anne Scharrenberg (2005) is part of New York University's excellent Globalex service. 

The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in London produces valuable guides to research in law from different jurisdictions, including Germany.


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