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Anatomy resources: Introduction

A quick guide to introduce you to anatomy resources

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Resources available include online 3D interactive models, images and videos of the human body, gross anatomy and e-textbooks.

The core anatomy resource are:
Core anatomy textbooks:


Anatomy TV provides interactive 3D models of human anatomy with specalised resources on various clinical areas and body systems. You can explore details in the human body by region with 3D models, allowing you to rotate, add or remove anatomy and identify and learn more about the structures at work. 


Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy provides virtual dissection of anatomical specimens for preparation in human gross anatomy. Each specimen is rotated to illustrate real movement by bone, muscle, and tissue. A short video and a PDF transcript is provide for each specimen.


Netter Presenter and NetAnatomy provide image collections of human anatomy and radiographic, cross-sectional and gross anatomy images.

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