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Animal Behaviour: Dissertations & Research Projects: Welcome

Picture of Books above title for guide: Effective Library Research for Dissertations & Research Papers

How to use this online guide

This guide introduces the skills and techniques you can use for effective library research for your research projects.

Work through each section using the menu tabs above, or the Next button at the bottom of the page. 

There will be activities for you to complete as you go so that you can learn by doing and self test your learning.

This guide aims to ...

  • Build your confidence in planning and conducting your research to support your research project
  • Highlight the library help and support available to you as you conduct your research

Dissertation Workbook

You can download and use a dissertation workbook to make notes as you progress through the tutorial. By the end you'll have a plan you can use to help you complete your library research for your dissertation, project or research proposal.

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