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Official Publications: Accessing Official Publications Online

Online guidance on finding official publications

A-Z Databases


You can use A-Z Databases list. to view and access all the Official publications online databases

When you are viewing the databases list., click on the i  (information icon) for details about the database.

Click on the database name for access, as shown in the illustration below.



Getting help

Official Publications can be tricky to track down and if you haven't used this kind of material before it seem rather bewildering to know where to start looking and how to search effectively.

If you are struggling to find the official publications you need, don't hesitate to contact your Library Liaison Team for further guidance.


Library Liaison Teams

Get in touch for help and advice on making the most of your library resources, or to book a 1:1 appointment with your Librarian.

Select your subject from the drop down menu to find your librarian.


For more information about your Library Liaison Teams, click here.

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