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Philosophy: Library Dissertation Research: Using Library Search

Online support to assist with planning and conducting your library dissertation research

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Library Search


Library Search is  a good starting point for introductory material for your research.

Find out more on the Library Search guide.

You can search for your research topic(s) and quickly and easily retrieve details of print and electronic books, journal articles and other full text material.   

You can also use it to check whether we have particular books or journals you may discover during your literature searching.

Run some searches for material related to your dissertation using Library Search. 


When you use Library Search you will see search results via two tabs

1. Catalogue

2. Articles + more

A search for artificial intelligence ethics in Library Search returns the following catalogue results. Note the type of content. There is a mixture of print and electronic texts.

This search finds matches in book and journal titles (and in brief details such as subject terms, contents page listing details).  For more granular searching within the content of books and journals you should use the Articles + more feature of Library Search and the research databases.

You will find many results on the Articles + more tab than the Catalogue tab if you were to run the same artificial intelligence ethics search

In addition to all the content in the Catalogue tab, there is also a wide range of content from various full text resources, with journal articles, book chapters and other full text resourcest hat match your search terms.

Articles + more search is often a good starting point for introductory material, but if you want to research the global literature on a topic, and go beyond quick full text results, then you should follow up with a database search. You can tailor your search more precisely using all the sophisticated functionality available on the research databases.  

You can also use Library Search to check on the availability of print and online journal titles.

As you begin searching the research databases you may find references to particular journal articles that look interesting.  Some databases only include short bibliographic details of articles with an abstract.  If you want to read the full text you can use Library Search to discover if you have full text access.

To search for journal titles, just enter some/all of the journal title into the library Search box and then browse the Catalogue tab to check for access.

A search for international journal philosophy returns the following catalogue results. You can browse through the list and click on the titles for access.


In this example for the Philosophical Studies journal you can see that coverage of this journal is available from several online journal services.

You will often find that journal coverage is split across different services - with current journal issues and archive journal issues often being available separately.  The date range information will help you decide which journal site to visit.

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