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CILIP Professional Registration - Library Support Group: Revalidation


"By undertaking Professional Registration, you’ve already shown a your commitment to improving your professional knowledge. One way to demonstrate your ongoing commitment is to revalidate your CILIP Certification, Chartership or Fellowship and ensure you get the professional recognition you deserve for keeping your skills up-to-date and staying in touch with the latest developments in the profession."

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Contact CILIP Member Services if you have any questions about revalidation or need any help in assembling your portfolio.


Phone: 020-7255-0610

Evaluative Statement

Your evaluative statement will need to reflect on your CPD activities over the year and demonstrate how you have developed as an LIS professional. The statement should be no longer than 250 words.

Members need to demonstrate they have reflected on how development activities have contributed to their professional practice for the level being revalidated.

You may not be able to make reference to each of your CPD activities individually in your statement – the emphasis should be an overview of the key areas of your development.

Submitting Your Revalidation

Once you have completed your CPD log (minimum of 20 hours) using the template form below, and written your evaluative statement of no more than 250 words then you can currently submit on the Revalidation website.

Please contact Member Services for further information and advice.

What does it involve?

In order to revalidate you will need to complete :

1 x CPD Log - recording a minimum of 20 hours of CPD & with reflective comments in the summary box;

1 x Reflective statement - a maximum of 250 words reflecting on how your annual CPD has developed your skills and knowledge to meet the assessment criteria for the level of Professional Registration you have.

Your 250 word statement must be reflective in nature.

If you have previously revalidated, remember that the feedback will be very helpful when preparing your new revalidation.

There is no fee for revalidation.

Creating your CPD Log

Revalidation requires a minimum of 20 hours of CPD activities, as evidenced by an activity log.

The activities you participate in should be targeted towards the areas you wish to develop skills and knowledge (you may wish to use the CILIP Professional Knowledge and Skills Base to assist you with this). Your CILIP regional member network may be able to help you find relevant development opportunities.

Your CPD activities may include: 

  • Conferences and unconferences
  • Training courses
  • Work towards qualifications
  • Workshops
  • Reading
  • Participation in discussions (in person or online)
  • Committee participation
  • Mentoring
  • Job shadowing
  • ‘On the job’ learning/training

This list is not exhaustive but for each activity, you will need to record the date(s), duration (in hours), and brief details of the activity in your CPD area of the CILIP VLE

Revalidation Examples

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